Research Grants & Fellowships

The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America is a leading funder of basic and clinical research in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). CCFA supports research that increases our understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, therapy, and prevention of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

In addition to supporting studies and clinical trials, CCFA provides grants and fellowships for the training and development of the next generation of researchers and physicians specializing in inflammatory bowel diseases.

Since its founding in 1967, CCFA has awarded more than 1,400 IBD grants totaling approximately $250 million of funding invested in research related to Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Grant and Fellowship Opportunities

CCFA offers several ongoing funding opportunities to support student and early-career researchers, as well as other professional development opportunities to enhance the pool of talent working in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • Senior Research Awards provide established researchers with funds to generate sufficient preliminary data to become competitive for funds from other sources.
  • Career Development Awards help prepare individuals with research potential to transition to a career of independent investigation.
  • Research Fellowship Awards help prepare individuals with research potential for a career of independent investigation.
  • The Broad Medical Research Program at CCFA funds innovative pilot research so that scientists can test their initial ideas and generate preliminary data used to qualify for larger, more sustained grants from other organizations.
  • Student Research Awards support college, graduate, and medical students performing research on topics relevant to inflammatory bowel diseases for a minimum of 10 weeks.
  • Scientific Conferences and Workshops support is available to host scientific workshops and professional development opportunities.
  • Other Research Opportunities for grant and fellowship opportunities not sponsored by CCFA.

Submission Process

Applying for grants and fellowships is a two-step process. First, all applicants must submit a letter of intent declaring their interest in a specific grant or fellowship program. Second, select applicants will be invited to submit full applications detailing their grant or fellowship request.

All grant applicants must submit via online forms (Proposal Central System) found on each opportunity page. CCFA only accepts grants and fellowship applications from public nonprofit institutions or government institutions engaged in health-related research.

Submission deadlines for letters of intent are November 1 and May 1 (Note: Re-submitted applications do not require a letter of intent).  Submission deadlines for full applications are January 14 and July 1.   Unless noted otherwise; funding for successful applications commences on the following submission deadline.

Selection Process

Each year, CCFA receives approximately 300 requests for senior grants and training awards. All proposals are subject to multiple levels of peer review that identify the most meritorious and innovative projects for funding.

All research proposals are peer-reviewed. Selection criteria include the scientific merit of the proposal, the relevancy of the proposal to the study of inflammatory bowel diseases, the excellence of the investigator and the research environment. All awards are made payable to the applicant's institution. Please view the CCFA's guidlines for maintaining research and peer integrity here

Templates for Award Recipients

Annual Progress Reports: An annual progress report must be submitted for review by the members of the National Scientific Advisory Committee.  Additional years of funding may not be granted without an approved progress report.  Please see template for both Senior Research Awards and Research Training Awards reports.

Annual Financial Report: A financial accounting of funds expended must be submitted two months after the end of each project period.

Final Scientific Reports:  Final Scientific Report for the Research Fellowship Awards, Career Development Awards, Senior Research Awards, and Research Initiatives Awards are due two months after the end of the project. Student Report and Conference Report are due two months after the end of the project.                                

Change of Institution: If a PI accepts a position at another institution, the PI must immediately notify CCFA of the change.  The PI must also submit a formal request to move the study to the new institution.  Please see guidelines for both Senior Research Award and Training Research Awards transfer requests.

Other Sources of Funding:  Should the PI receive another grant on a project funded by CCFA (for example NIH funding), then the PI should notify CCFA immediately.  CCFA policy strictly forbids scientific or budgetary overlap and therefore reserves the right to review the extent of its support and terminate the grant if funding is secured from another source for this project.

Please direct any grants related questions to or call (646) 943-7501.