Pediatric Risk Study

Primary goal-

Develop a risk model to predict the prognosis and response to therapy of newly diagnosed patients with Crohn’s disease based on their genetic, immunologic, microbial and clinical profiles

Enrollment is completed. 1741 pediatric patients enrolled from 28 centers across US and Canadian Center.

  • 1,070 or 70% subjects with confirmed Crohn’s disease (CD),
  • 15% ulcerative colitis (UC),
  • 10% non IBD and
  • about 5% of subjects with (IBD-U) not classified as CD or UC. 

Key findings of the group thus far:

  • 17 genes are expressed differently in intestines of patients who developed a stricture. The group is developing a model for the expression of these genes to be used as predictors of risk for stricture development
  • Children diagnosed under 10 years of age have distinct blood profile antibodies in their blood. These results suggest that there are distinct mechanisms of CD in patients < 10 years