Since our Pediatric Challenges Plan in 2006, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) has been addressing unmet needs in pediatric research and patient care. In 2008, we began to identify our diverse initiatives under the acronym, PRO-KIIDS (Pediatric Resource Organization for Kids with Inflammatory Intestinal Digestive Diseases) aka Pediatric Network.  Some children diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis manifest mild disease activity and do well with basic medication. However, many others exhibit more severe disease with growth failure, impaired quality of life, continued active gastrointestinal symptoms, and the eventual development of disease complications requiring surgery.

To decide an appropriate course of treatment, it is critically important to define at time of diagnosis those children most likely to require aggressive medical therapy. However, pediatric-specific data of good quality is either limited or non-existent for virtually all therapeutic modalities employed for children with IBD. Thus, clinical practice in pediatric IBD is largely driven by knowledge generated in adult patients. This much needed pediatric-specific information can only be obtained by a large-scale multi-center collaborative effort. The Pediatric Network is critical in supporting pediatric research studies, the results of which will greatly improve the quality of care.

There are currently two studies in the Pediatric Network:

The Pediatric IBD Research Network is now extending a request for applications for centers in North America that are interested in joining our network. Eligibility is based on qualifications as detailed on the application form and final decisions will be made by the selection committee composed of members of the Pediatric Network and CCFA.

Application for Membership

For a list of current membership sites, please visit the CCFA Clinical Trials Page.

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