Information just for nurses and advanced practice providers

Information just for nurses and advanced practice providers

Tips and resources updated monthly

For Nurses and Advanced Practice Providers


This section provides resources and tips specific to IBD nursing professionals brought to you by the CCFA Nursing Initiatives Committee.

Browse IBD Tips - Updated monthly with references and tips on specific IBD topics that are relevant to the nursing community.

Browse Best Practice Resource Library - An electronic resource library containing peer reviewed and tested best practice resources specific to IBD, including templates, checklists, and guides.

Participate in our Advanced Practice Nurse Preceptorship - Learn more about this three day comprehensive IBD training and apply.

Additional Information

The 2012-2015 Nursing Initiative Committee is comprised of 18 nurses from across the US. If you have suggestions for content or want more information about the Nursing Initiatives Committee please contact Orna Ehrlich, Director, Professional Education, at