School is Back in Session!

Now that the school year has begun, it is time to study up on how CCFA can help with the transition back to school or college!

Planning ahead can help reduce anxiety and facilitate smooth transitions.  Parents can help their children prepare for the upcoming school year by sharing our “Guide for Teachers and Other School Personnel” publications with school staff. 

School aged children and teens may also benefit from creating a section 504 Plan to ensure their school day and schedule can accommodate individual needs.  You can find a template of the 504 plan written just for you on our website, along with a great article “Taking IBD to School” which includes resources and insights for students and parents.

CCFA’s general education pieces on IBD are helpful at this time of year when kids are meeting new teachers and friends.  These publications provide a snap shot of IBD to school personnel and other parents. Contact us at 888-MY-GUTPAIN or to request our fact sheet “About Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis." 

Younger friends can read “Pete Learns all About Crohn’s and Colitis” in a comic book format. Additionally, elementary aged children can have fun learning about IBD in the“IBD & Me Activity Book" . There is even a game to play with friends! 

Older students heading back to college can find helpful information in “Managing IBD as a Young Adult” which addresses lifestyle issues as well as providing IBD facts.  This population may also find the “Young Adults” forum on the CCFA Community Site helpful as well to speak with other fellow young adults with IBD!

College Students – Get Involved and Stay Connected through CCSF
CCFA has many resources available for first time and returning students to college campuses.  Be prepared before heading off to school!  Here you can find helpful tips and interactive links to get you ready to do your best

In addition to the great information on UCandCrohns website, CCFA offers the Crohn’s and Colitis Student Forum (CCSF).  CCSF are on-campus groups that provide support and community for students with or connected to IBD. 

The National Youth Council and our CCSF groups are getting ready to tackle the new academic year!  This year we are looking to reach more college campuses around the country, building up our existing community. Interested in finding a group or starting one on your campus?  Contact your local chapter to get more information, and get the resources you need to bring CCSF to your campus!

Did you know CCFA offers a variety of letters to help with insurance decisions, medications, testing and school accommodations?
Do you need help appealing an insurance decision regarding metabolite testing or pediatric adalimumab therapy? Is your child heading off to college this fall and in need of special room accommodations for their IBD?   CCFA is here to help. Find accommodation letter templates, insurance appeal letter and other resource templates for patients and families with IBD here.

For further information, call the Irwin M. and Suzanne R. Rosenthal IBD Resource Center (IBD Help Center): 888.MY.GUT.PAIN (888.694.8872).

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Published: September 4, 2012