IBD Journal

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases® (IBD Journal) is the first journal dedicated exclusively to IBD and is a benefit of your Professional Membership in the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) (at certain membership levels).

The Journal covers topics of interest to the professional clinician or researcher in this burgeoning field. Each monthly issue features original, peer-reviewed articles in clinical and basic science areas, as well as invited in-depth reviews of key treatment issues and groundbreaking research. We invite all expert authors to submit an article for consideration.

The IBD Journal highlights the unique and important issues in pediatric IBD, as well as articles pertaining to adult patients. Also included are critical examinations of the design and results of recent clinical trials; elucidative discussions of controversial diagnostic and management issues and techniques; and summaries of significant articles from around the world with relevant commentary by experts in the field.

The Journal is accessible to subscribers at IBDJournal.org. Access to the IBD Journal requires an easy registration process. If you require assistance, please contact Customer Service for the Journal. The IBD Journal is also now available as an iPad app.

Selction from the June 2016 Issue

Jason M. Shapiro, Helga Zoega, Samir A. Shah, Renee M. Bright, Meaghan Mallette, Heather Moniz,

Stacey A. Grabert, Barbara Bancroft, Marjorie Merrick, Nicole T. Flowers, Zahid Samad,

Sheldon Lidofsky, Neal S. LeLeiko, and Bruce E. Sands


  •  Case Series–Case 4: Worms in IBD: Friend or Foe

Abhishek Gulati, Kofi Clarke, Julia B. Greer, David G. Binion, Myron H. Brand, Francis A. Farraye,

Raymond K. Cross, Leonard Baidoo, Wolfgang H. Schraut, Douglas J. Hartman 

and Miguel D. Regueiro

Selection from the May 2016 Issue

Emma Calabrese, Christian Maaser, Francesca Zorzi, Klaus Kannengiesser, Stephen B. Hanauer,

David H. Bruining, Marietta Iacucci, Giovanni Maconi, Kerri L. Novak, Remo Panaccione,

Deike Strobel, Stephanie R. Wilson, Mamoru Watanabe, Francesco Pallone, and Subrata Ghosh

Astrid-Jane Greenup, Brian Bressler, and Greg Rosenfeld

Selection from the April 2016 Issue

Ann Gils, Thomas Van Stappen, Erwin Dreesen, Ruth Storme, Séverine Vermeire, and Paul J. Declerck

Douglas C. Wolf

Selection from the March 2016 Issue

Justin Côté-Daigneault, Saurabh Mehandru, Ryan Ungaro, Ashish Atreja, and Jean-Frédéric Colombel

  • Understanding Health Literacy and its Impact on Delivering Care to Patients with Inflammatory

    Bowel Disease

Lauren K. Tormey, Francis A. Farraye, and Michael K. PaascheOrlow

Selection From the February 2016 Issue

Laura Francesca Pisani, Gian Eugenio Tontini, Maurizio Vecchi, and Luca Pastorelli


Dario Sorrentino


Selection From the January 2016 Issue

Kim L. Isaacs and Shifali Arora

Whitney M. Sunseri, Subra Kugathasan, David J. Keljo, Julia B. Greer, Sarangarajan Ranganathan, Raymond K. Cross, Corey A. Siegel, and Miguel D. Regueiro

Selection From the December 2015 Issue


Hans H. Herfarth, Michael D. Kappelman, Millie D. Long, and Kim L. Isaacs

Bettenworth, Dominik MD; Rieder, Florian MD

Selection From the November 2015 Issue

Jessica R. Allegretti, Lawrence Borges, Matthew Lucci, Matthew Chang, Bonnie Cao, Emily Collins, Brian Vogel, Emily Arthur, Danielle Emmons, and Joshua R. Korzenik


Jana G. Hashash, Preethi Chintamaneni, Claudia M. Ramos Rivers, Ioannis E. Koutroubakis, Miguel D. Regueiro, Leonard Baidoo, Jason M. Swoger, Arthur Barrie, Marc Schwartz, Michael A. Dunn, and David G. Binion

Selection From the October 2015 Issue

Benjamin Click, Eric J. Vargas, Alyce M. Anderson, Siobhan Proksell, Ioannis E. Koutroubakis, Claudia Ramos Rivers, Jana G. Hashash, Miguel Regueiro, Andrew Watson, Michael A. Dunn,

Marc Schwartz, Jason Swoger, Leonard Baidoo, Arthur Barrie III, and David G. Binion


Idan Goren, Lior Yahav, Hagit Tulchinsky, and Iris Dotan

Selection From the September 2015 Issue

Bailey C. E. Peck, Matthew Weiser, Saangyoung E. Lee, Gregory R. Gipson, Vishal B. Iyer, Ryan B. Sartor, Hans H. Herfarth, Millie D. Long, Jonathan J. Hansen, Kim L. Isaacs,Dimitri G. Trembath, Reza Rahbar, Timothy S. Sadiq, Terrence S. Furey, Praveen Sethupathy, and Shehzad Z. Sheikh


Min Chen and Bo Shen

Selection From the August 2015 Issue

Christel Chehoud, Lindsey G. Albenberg, Colleen Judge, Christian Hoffmann, Stephanie Grunberg,

Kyle Bittinger, Robert N. Baldassano, James D. Lewis, Frederic D. Bushman, and Gary D. Wu


Tanya M. Monaghan, Alan Cockayne, and Yashwant R. Mahida

Selections from the July 2015 Issue

Gray, Wendy N. PhD*; Resmini, Alana R. MS*; Baker, Kaitlin D. MS*; Holbrook, Erin MSW; Morgan, Pamela J. BSN; Ryan, Jamie PhD; Saeed, Shehzad A. MD†,§; Denson, Lee A. MD†,§; Hommel, Kevin A. PhD‡,§

Wasilewski, Andrzej MSc*; Zielińska, Marta MSc*; Storr, Martin PhD; Fichna, Jakub PhD*,‡

Selections from the June 2015 Issue

  • Previous Cancer in a Patient with Crohn’s Disease: Is It Appropriate to Use Biologics and

    Immunosuppressants for IBD Treatment?

Peter N. Le, Julia B. Greer, Ioannis Oikonomou, Wolfgang H. Schraut, Corey A. Siegel, Raymond K. Cross, Stefan D. Holubar, Andrew Tinsley, Walter A. Koltun

David G. Binion, and Miguel D. Regueiro

Melissa I. Chang, Benjamin L. Cohen, and Alexander J. Greenstein