Lending Library
Need more Info on IBD? Contact our chapter today!

Our Lending Library features the latest publications on IBD. CCFA members can borrow books from our office collection via phone, e-mail, or in person. If you are interested in checking out any of these resources please contact our Chapter office at (414) 475-5520.

If you have any books, videos, magazines or other material about IBD that you would like to donate to the Lending Library please contact our office.

Workplace Giving through Community Health Charities
The CCFA WI Chapter proudly partners with the Community Health Charities in Employee Giving Campaigns. Look for our name and agency code in your company campaign. If you don't find us, ask your employer to add CCFA.

Matching Gifts

You may be able to double or even triple your donation to CCFA. Many employers across the state of Wisconsin offer matching gift programs to match charitable donations made by their employees. Contact your Human Resources Department to find out if your company has a matching gift program. If your gift is eligible to be matched, obtain a matching gift form from your employer, complete the employee portion of the form and send it to us.

Power of Two
The Power of Two program provides one-to-one short-term support to patients and their families coping with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Individuals participating in the program are matched to volunteers who have had similar challenges and experiences for phone or e-mail conversations. This program is open to adults with IBD as well as parents of children with IBD. We are working to expand this program to serve spouses of people with IBD; if your spouse is an IBD patient and you are willing to be a Power of Two volunteer, we would love to have you!

If you would like to participate in the Power of Two program, please complete the appropriate forms and email Education and Support Manager Rebecca Wagner at Or send completed forms to the CCFA Wisconsin Chapter at 1126 S. 70th Street, Suite 112-1B, Milwaukee, WI 53214.