Welcome to the Tennessee Chapter!  We serve the state of Tennessee. 

Chapter Contacts:

CCFA Tennessee Chapter
116 Wilson Pike Circle, Suite 205
Brentwood, TN 37027


Michelle J. Chianese
Community Development Manager


Kim Kaplan

Take Steps Walk Manager




Tennessee Chapter Board of Trustees


Mark T. Smith, President

John Teas, President-Elect


Jim Burton

Dawn Beaulieu, MD

Rob Cohen

Gary Garfield

Cory Gierman

Robert Henry

Whit James, MD

Steve Masie

Scott McCormick

David Schwartz, MD
Vickie Storm

Karen Tallier

Jim Wiseman



Chapter Medical Advisory Committee


Kim Annis

Dawn Beaulieu

Susan Briley

Rebekah Corey

Caroline Duley

Sara Horst

Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero

Dedrick Moulton

Anne Nohl

David Schwartz

Ziad Younes