Team Challenge - Flying Pig

Start Date: May 1, 2015

Raise or Donate For our Flying Pig Discount Code!

 The Flying Pig has again partnered with CCFA to provide an opportunity for CCFA to benefit from registrations and donations through the event. Once we have raised $5000 through this event, we will receive 10% of every registration that uses our discount code.  We need your help reaching that goal, but in turn for fundraising/donating, we will provide you a discount code to help with your registration costs!

In order to receive our discount code, you must meet the MINIMUM raise or donate requirement of $15. The code will qualify you to register at the discounted rates below! 

To make the required minimum donation for the code, simply go to and pay the $15. This will also create a FREE fundraising page, where you can raise additional funds toward incentives like REFUNDED race registration (scroll down for more).  Once you've made the minimum donation, you will receive a confirmation email with the code, and your fundraising site will be ready to go.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT REGISTER YOU FOR THE ACTUAL RACE - You need to go through the Flying Pig website & use our code to do that. 

*NOTE: DO NOT share our code with anyone. Anyone using our code that has not made the minimum donation will have their race registration cancelled by the Flying Pig.


Marathon $75      
Half Marathon $65



Flying Fur

Open 4-Person Relay



Flying Pig 10K $30      
Tri-State Running Company 5K $25      
3-Way $120  





In order to reach our $5000 minimum so that 10% of your registration fee is donated back to us, we ask that you attempt to fundraise on our behalf, and we've provided you some incentives to do so!

  • Raise $100: Receive a FREE Team Challenge shirt
  • Raise $500: Receive a FREE Team Challenge branded tech shirt 
  • Raise $1000: Receive a FREE Team Challenge branded singlet for the race 
  • Raise $1250: Receive a REFUND for your race registration (individuals in relay events will receive 1/4 of their entry fee).
    • All incentives must be acheived by April 15th to guarantee receipt by the race. Incentive levels reached after the deadline are still eligible, but delivery by the race date cannot be guaranteed.



Downtown Cincinnati
Paul Brown Stadium, 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA
Cincinnati, OH, 45202

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