Welcome to the South Texas Chapter! 

Staff Contacts:

Chapter Contact Information
5120 Woodway, Suite 8008
Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 572-2232
Fax: (713) 572-2433
Email: stexas@ccfa.org
Jennifer Conaway
Executive Director
713-572-2232, Extension 1
Email: jconaway@ccfa.org

Matt Jackson
Take Steps Walk Manager- Houston/Corpus Christi
713-572-2232, Extension 2
Email: mjackson@ccfa.org 

Emily Stuart
Development Assistant
713-572-2232, Extension 3
Email: estuart@ccfa.org

Laura Stein 
Development Manager
713-572-2232, Extension 4
Email: lstein@ccfa.org

Sabrina Irsay
Community Development Manager - Austin
713-572-2232, Extension 5
Email: sirsay@ccfa.org

Amber Martin
Regional Education and Supprt Manager
713-572-2232, Extension 6
Email: amartin@ccfa.org

Charles Weiss, IOM
Business Development Officer
713-572-2232, Extension 7
Email: cweiss@ccfa.org 

Meredith Grower
Team Challenge Endurance Manager- Austin
Email: mgrower@ccfa.org 

Derek Dodson
Take Steps Walk Manager - Austin, San Antonio, Waco
Email: ddodson@ccfa.org

Michelle Stoddard
Take Steps National Manager
Email: mstoddard@ccfa.orgstoddard@ccfa.org

Houston Leadership Board

Lisa Richardson, Chair

Dr. Bincy Abraham

Karen Arnold

Melissa Edwards

Scott Fontenot

Tom O'Connor

Sharon Owens

Louis Provenzano

Toiee Roubein

Helen Shaffer

Melody Smith

Trey Smith

Donna Tyler

Brock Wagner


Chapter Medical Advisory Committee

Bincy P. Abraham, MD, Chairman

Jason Hou, MD, Co-Chair

Seema Walsh, MD, Co-Chair

Thomas Arnold, MD

Philip S. Bentlif, MD

Drew DuPont, MD

Atilla Ertan, MD

George D. Ferry, MD

Keith Fiman, MD

Greg Galler, MD

Sherilyn Gordon Burroughs, MD

Howard Hamat, MD

Joseph Holland, Jr., MD 

Manreet Kaur, MD

Kristi King, RD,LD

Pradeep Kumar, MD

Barbara Reid, MD

Carl Schmulen, MD

Gabrielle New-Seekeley, M.Ed, LPC, BCPC, ACC

Joseph Sellin, MD

Harold Shelby, MD

John Stroehlein, MD

Carlo Taboada, MD

David Thompson, MD

Francisco Garcia-Torres, MD

James Versalovic, MD

Theodoros Voloyiannis, MD

George E. Whalen, MD

Barry Winston, MD

Karen L. Woods, MD

Julie Weatherly, RN, MSN, ANP-C

Lee Winderman, Ph.D