CCFA Support Group: Portland, OR

3303 Southwest Bond Avenue, Portland, OR 97239, USA
Portland, OR 97239
OHSU's Center for Health & Healing
Meets: Third Thursday, Monthly, 7:00 PM

Meets the third Thursday of every month, 7:00 PM at OHSU's Center for Health & Healing, 3rd Floor - Room #3178, 3303 SW Bond Ave, Portland. Note: This is OHSU's new facility at the South Waterfront, not up on the hill. 

If you'll be attending this group for the first time, please contact Mark to confirm meeting details.

Street parking is free after 7:00 PM, or there is a convenient parking garage available at the facility for a flat fee of $3 (after 6:00 PM). Questions? Contact facilitator Mark Mac: or 512-264-5922.

We will have a guest speaker at the May 15 meeting:

Bill Thome works as  an “Accredited Disability Representative”(ADR), and he specializes in assisting people file disability claims and if necessary appeal the decision. He makes every effort to prevent the interminable wait for a hearing by assisting clients as they apply for and if necessary appeal their initial denial of benefits.  The denial rates on initial disability applications to the SSA are currently running about 65%.  If an applicant receives competent, respectful help with the preparation of their application the chance of approval is greatly enhanced. 

His talk will focus on three topics:

  1. What is the difference between Social Security's 2 disability programs, SSI and SSDI  and how do I know which one I am eligible for?
  2. How do I apply and if I am denied  how do I appeal?
  3. If I am approved for benefits will I receive any medical insurance e.g. Medicare?

        In his 25 years as a Clinical Social Worker, including seven years of direct experience with Social Security’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) he has seen many disabled individuals go without the financial/medical benefits they are eligible for.  People can become so intimidated by the application process they give up after their application is denied.  It is not unusual for applicants to be unaware of their right to appeal.  Bill hopes to clear up some of the misconceptions about SSI and SSDI and empower us to know first steps to take.  Obviously we hope none of us ever need this information, but it's better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Thank you to speakers at past meetings:

- April 2014: Dr. Helene Wahbeh from OHSU

- March 2014: Brad Wipfli, PhD from OHSU

- November 2013: Richard Haynes, discussing ayurvedic medicine

- September 2013: Jane Conboy, discussing hypnotherapy

- May 2013: Susan Yoder, RN, BSN

- March 2013: Liana Tsikitis, MD

- January 2013: Tom Ohling, "Nutrition Magician" 

- November 2012: Andrea Peruzzi, LAc. Listen to recordings of her visit! Part 1 - Part 2 

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