Highlights from the Northwest Region!

National Volunteer Week

Happy National Volunteer Week! Since we have such inspiring and dedicated volunteers in the Northwest we will be featuring a few of them throughout the week of April 6-12!

Lauren J. 

To help support younger kids with IBD just as teens helped her when she was first diagnosed, Lauren J. (pictured here on the left) has spearheaded the effort to bring back the CCFA Northwest Youth Council and monthly activities for kids with IBD and their siblings. Despite a busy schedule as a high school student and struggles with her disease, Lauren has persevered to bring her peers together to organize youth activities, a Take Steps team, and serve as a Leader in Training at Camp Oasis this summer. Thanks, Lauren!

Youth activity group:
Camp Oasis:

Lisa & Norm Judah

Lisa and Norm Judah joined forces with CCFA in 2004 after their daughter Alex was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease her junior year of high school. Not long after, their younger daughter Kira was also diagnosed and eventually, after experiencing symptoms throughout childhood with no clear answers from doctors, Lisa was told she too has IBD. As life-changing as this situation was, Lisa and Norm knew they could make a difference. In addition to serving on the Board and Chairing the Luncheon, Lisa and Norm are advocates for CCFA’ Genetics Initiative, a large multi-institutional research program focused on understanding the 163 genes associate with IBD. Thanks, Lisa and Norm!

Dr. Trina Seligman

Dr. Trina Seligman is a local Naturopathic Doctor and 5-time completer with Team Challenge Seattle. When she’s not fundraising and spreading awareness about IBD, Trina is giving educational nutrition talks and clinics, co-hosting informative webinars, and providing important guidance and support as a Team Challenge mentor. Thanks, Trina!

Nora Kozloff

As mother of an adult patient and a longtime IBD patient herself, Nora Kozloff has been an active volunteer with CCFA for many years. She currently serves as a support group facilitator in Seattle, leading monthly meetings and securing fascinating guest speakers. Nora gives her time to CCFA regularly, including helping to plan the April 12 patient education conference. Thanks, Nora!

Seattle support group: 

Sara Redfield

Since being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease two and a half years ago, Sara Redfield decided that she wanted to do what she could to help find a cure and promote research for new treatments. Last fall Sara organized the first annual Guts on the Run trail run and donated all of the proceeds to the Northwest chapter of CCFA. Sara spent months planning this event and it was a great success with over 50 participants! She is already planning the 2014 second annual Guts on the Run trail run and plans to make this year’s event even bigger and better! Thanks, Sara!

Jennifer Scott

Since her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease just over a year ago, Jennifer Scott has been working hard to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in her community. She formed a team with friends and family for the Portland Take Steps walk last year, and this year her 9 year old son Drew is the local honored hero! Jennifer is also helping to start a support group for families of pediatric IBD patients in the Portland area, to provide guidance and understanding among families going through the same experiences. Thanks, Jennifer!

Portland Take Steps walk:

Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week

The Northwest saw record participation in this year's Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week, December 1-7! Many people showed their support by changing their profile pictures to the awareness week logo, tweeting and posting about IBD, and attending exciting events. Thank you to everyone who spread awareness and showed patients the huge community they are a part of! Read about all of our featured Northwest IBD patients here:

2013 Crohn’s and Colitis Climb for a Cure!

Sam Peterson and his father, Charlie Peterson of Seattle, WA, both living with the challenge of ulcerative colitis (UC), climbed Mt. Baker in northern Washington State from August 9 - 11 to raise money for CCFA. At 10,781 feet, volcanic Mt. Baker is the second-most glaciated peak in Washington, and requires roped-up, expert-guided glacier-climbing techniques.

Having been afflicted for years with this life-altering disease, both Sam and Charlie feel strongly about this cause. Sam battled UC and its serious medical complications for 16 months before undergoing a colectomy and j-pouch reconstruction. After 3 surgeries and an extensive recovery period, Sam is feeling ready to tackle this climb. Sam’s dad Charlie, has been living with and managing UC since his early twenties.

To support the Climb for a Cure, please visit the website:  
Pictures from the climb are posted on the website! Many thanks for your support!


Cowboys vs Crohn's

Cowboys vs. Crohn’s is a project that cousins Nick Roach and Jack Chambers have formulated over the past couple of years. It takes the best parts of their summers on the ranch in Montana and combines it with a cause that they can truly support given the way Crohn’s has affected their family. Starting on July 7, 2013, they set out from Gardiner, MT (from Hells Aroarin’ Outfitters, the ranch where they worked) on a 1,300 mile horseback ride to Bellingham, WA in an effort to raise money for and awareness about Crohn’s disease. They'll rode through dozens of cities and towns (full itinerary on their website), playing music and talking to people along the way. Their hope is to reach 3 million people through local news outlets, the internet and social media, and by word-of-mouth. They partnered with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America and donated the money raised toward research to find a cure. You can show your support by making a donation in their name here. Thank you for your generosity!

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