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The Board Corner

October Edition by Scott & Pat Russett


"Paying it Forward”

After our son Jake’s diagnosis with Crohn’s 2 years ago, we had a lot of questions, and few answers. Since then, we have learned a lot about Crohn’s, how it is managed, what treatment options are available to Jake, and most importantly, that we are not alone. The CCFA played a large part in providing those answers for us, setting us on a path toward treatment and healing.

To date, Jake’s story is a success story. He plays soccer, is active at school, and finds time to spend with friends and his beloved guitars. He feels good most days and leads, by all accounts, a “normal” teenage life. We are grateful for the care he receives from his healthcare team and for the various drugs he takes daily that keep him feeling well. We know those drugs are available to us now, at least in part, because of research that was funded by organizations like the CCFA decades ago. Volunteers who will never know my son shared their time and treasure to raise awareness and fund research that benefits our family today. That’s a large part of why we support the CCFA. We aim to both give thanks to those that answered the call before us and to “pay it forward” for tomorrow’s parents and patients that will find themselves confronted with IBD and face the same questions and needs as we did.

Scott & Pat Russett


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