Amelia B.


Amelia B.

  • School: University of Pittsburgh
  • Major: Neuroscience
  • I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh studying neuroscience in hopes of pursuing a career in healthcare focused specifically on inflammatory bowel disease and the search for a cure. On campus I am involved with Student Government as well as Colleges Against Cancer, Relay for Life and my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. In addition, I am a proud advocate for CCFA and the NCCL. I also perform research at the Arthritis Institute of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It is incredibly interesting as many of the drugs that we study are ones that are used to treat Crohn's Diseaes and Ulcerative Colitis. This has fueled my interest in potentially working on research specifically related to IBD.

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at the age of nine and was immediately put in contact with my local CCFA chapter. Over the past ten years, CCFA has had an incredible impact on my life in ways I could not have anticipated. I have run Team Challenge, been both a camper and counselor at Camp Oasis, walked for Take Steps, and attended numerous events in both Pittsburgh and my home state of New Jersey. As I entered my freshman year of college I was so excited with the opportunity to be a member of the NCCL. The past two years on the council have proved to be an incredible experience. Not only have I been able to meet an incredible group of people who are passionate about finding a cure as well, I have also been a part of many projects and initiatives that align with CCFA's mission.

    Working closely with CCFA for the past ten years as well as being an active member on the NCCL has motivated me to always be a part of the fight for a cure. I have met so many people; many now close friends, who have had a great deal of impact on my life. Although I have faced struggles, I have met others who have struggled more, and I am determined to work hard to put an end to Inflammatory Disease in my lifetime so no one else has to know such struggles.

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